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In Chukum we reflect with simplicity, beauty in all aspects of life

¿What is Chukum?

The chukum is a climbing plant of the Apocynacea family, native to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It is also known as bejuco chucum, deer leg or water bejuco.
The chukum is known in the traditional construction of the region, since its sap is used as a binder or waterproofing agent for mortar.

In the updated, the chukum has gained popularity as a finishing material in contemporary architecture, due to its appearance and aesthetic properties. It is used as a cladding for walls, floors and other architectural elements, providing a unique and natural appearance to the spaces.

Transmitting through our associates the value of simplicity, our brand and finish continues to be appreciated and recognized. With applicators and applicators that are increasingly professional and committed to projecting in the finish, the greatness and beauty of the things that surround us.

The coach team of Chukumeros in Europe and Mexico, gives support and service to our commercial partners in high-impact projects and has allowed this product to be an alternative economic for construction workers.

We are a company committed to our professional advancement, so we consider it important to be continuously in training and working on standards that distinguish us as a model company in the field of construction.

We care about nature and we promote care for the environment by promoting the responsible use of the resources that give life to this project.


Traditional extraction of chukum is a little known technique and with many variations in its recipe along time. This is why we choose natural products to give an intelligent alternative in the selection of your finishes, allowing this experience to be transmitted to any place.

Chukum Water

Natural black color extracts obtained from the chukum’s tree bark.
Yield: Drum 20 L = 10 m2


Chukum Base

The perfect mix with a touch of the soil from where the chukum tree born.
Yield: Bag 20 kg = 3.3 m2



It is a mixture of grey cement with fine powder limestone obtained from the region.
Yield: Bag 20 kg = 3.3 m2


Pigmento Cankab

Natural dark and reddish brown pigmentation obtained from the natural sieve of clays and other organic products.
Presentation of 10 Kg.
Yield: Sack 10 kg = 10 m2
According to the needs of the market, seeking to adapt to the new types of construction and trying to create new products that are of benefit to our customers. We offer the following products:

Extra-Fine Paste

High quality cement-based coating to give a resistance and natural finish and easy application.
Yield: Bag 20 kg = 8 m2


Black liquid pigment manufactured to reduce the imperfections of the mineral pigment.
Yield: Container 250 g = 3.3 m2


Additive/Adhesive for concrete. It is used as an adhesion bridge between cements and as a sealant.
Yield: Drum 20 L = 80 m2

Thick Layer

Thick and leveling mortar for preparation and finishing of facades, interiors, exteriors, plasters and plasters.
Bag 20 kg

Kits Chukum

Our recommendation will always be for kits (packages)
The best combination for your finish.


1 Kit of Black Chukum, contains:
  • 3 bags of Chukum grey
  • 1 drum chukum water
  • 3 small bottles of black Tiin Pigment
Throughput 10 m2


1 kit of Natural Chukum, contains:
  • 3 bags of Chukum Base
  • 1 drum chukum water
Throughput 10 m2


1 Kit of Red Cankab Chukum, contains:
  • 3 bags of Chukum Base
  • 1 drum chukum water
  • 1 red Tizimin Cankab Pigment
Throughput 10 m2


1 Kit of Brown Cankab Chukum, contains:
  • 3 bags of Chukum Base
  • 1 drum chukum water
  • 1 brown Conkal Cankab Pigment
Throughput 10 m2


1 Kit of Grey Chukum, contains:
  • 3 bags of Chukum grey
  • 1 drum chukum water
Throughput 10 m2

(grey, cream, white)

1 Kit of Extrane Paste, contains:
  • 3 bags of Extrane Paste
  • 1 drum chukum water
Throughput 20 m2

Performance Formula

Visit our product calculator, it will give you an idea of how much you need.
Agua de Chukum Water:
Base de Chukum Base:
Base de Chukum Grey Base:
Pasta Extrafina Extra-Fine:
Adikum Adikum:
Pigmento Cankab Cankab:
Pigmento Chukum Tiin Chukum Tiin:
Agua de Chukum Water:
Base de Chukum Base:
Base de Chukum Base Grey:
Pasta Extrafina Extra-Fine:
Adikum Adikum:
Pigmento Cankab Cankab:
Pigmento Chukum Tiin Chukum Tiin:


All of our customers are satisfied with the results. Click on any photo to watch our gallery.

Enjoy our new colors between blues and greens, the mineral pigments, where the colors are incorporated into the base of chukum.
And ask for any color you want to incorporate into your designs, which we can manufacture so that you can present unique and unrepeatable projects.


Olive Green

Tulum Blue

Militar Green

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    Mix it with Chukum water and the base of Chukum (a mixture of powder and cement), apply it on the surface in patching or flattened rustic finish form (preferable of powder and mixture to obtain different finishes) creating spaces with natural and unique ambient. The mixture is mainly applied in walls, pools, landings and floors.

    Instructions for use: Pour a sack in a clean bucket and the Chukum base; mix it with Chukum water to get the recommended consistency to apply it as putty. It is applied on full walls and it polished with preferably round trowel. It is like applying a polished cement wall, only that the tone color is cream and reflects when drying, moisture that leaves a marbled appearance. When burnishing, Chukum water or natural water can be used so that the trowel can lift and give more color. It is important that there is sufficient moisture in the wall prior to the application and it is required that it can be cured with water the following days.


    1. Prepare the area where the mixture is going to be applied.
    2. Cure the walls with sufficient water during an adequate period of time before its application.
    3. To avoid setbacks, prepare the necessary buckets of putties.
    4. Apply on full walls.
    5. Check the wall periodically, avoiding cracking by covering it with material prior to drying.
    6. Accompany the drying of the wall with a constant burnishing (polishing).
    7. The next days CURE with water to avoid cracking.
    8. Anticipate the application to inclement weather.


    – In case of eye contact, wash with plenty of water.
    – Storage bags in a place free of moisture.
    – Do not swallow, if swallowed go to the doctor immediately.

    Yes, along it is applied with a cement base paste and Chukum water, although it requires an acrylic varnish later. These materials have their own care, ask the precise specification to the manufacturer to avoid future damage.
    We recommend giving a prevously finish with basecoat or rustic ready-mix and it can be used with both, cement base paste and our Chukum base.
    Actually Chukum gives a particular color, but can be applied with other natural pigments or dyes (the detail is to manage the mixture combination to reach the desired color).
    These are given by the reflection of moisture in the previous finish, 99% in Chukum cases reflects the wall imperfections: if there were repairs, if one part dried before the rest, if it retained humidity. However, these imperfections can be avoided and corrected by checking the finish before performing the task.

    It can occur for several reasons, attributable in 70% to the application and 30% to the previous material.

    Possible causes:

    • Not clean well the surface where it is going to be applied.
    • Not moisten the application area enough to maintain a slow drying during burnishing.
    • Not reinforce the application with an additive.
    • Apply moisture-repellent materials in the area prior receiving Chukum, which do not allow a combination between new and old cements (check the composition of some mortars that usually place before the Chukum).
    • Apply Chukum immediately or 24 hours before receiving the revoke.
    • Apply Chukum in areas that feel hollow, which warns that the patch was misplaced and is going to come off.
    • Apply on fresh patching walls (This will make evident marks on the wall after the application of Chukum).
    • Not cure the spaces where the Chukum coating was applied 24 hours after the application and for at least 7 days.
    • Exposure to the sun the applied surface in at least 7 days later without the curing treatment.

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    +52 9993 38 51 29

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